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An Erotic Tale - Mr~Wizard's World

Apr. 23rd, 2007

07:22 pm - An Erotic Tale

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Im sorry we can't do bussiness" said the king.
"I assume then our bussiness is done.Then I will be off for my home tonight." I replied
The king laughed!"No, enjoy my palace and indulge yourself.Get a good rest and tommorow Kiam will drive you to the airport."
I was about to protest when Kiam whispered in my ear that the king will be very insulted if I refused his most gracious offer.
I accepted and mentioned something about no hard feelings but the king just bellowed "There are always hard feelings when a king cannot fullfill his wishes.That is  one of the advantages of being a king.But no matter,my friend!Someday you may wish you had acted differently in barganing with me.Only time will tell."

And with those words,the king stood and smiled.He wished me a good nights rest and safe passage back home.
As quick as that I was escorted by Kiam to my lavish quarters.Kiam told me that the king was not use to being told no and had never seen him take it so well.I asked what he meant but Kiam just smiled his gold teeth and put his hand on my shoulder and lead me to my roomsand said he hoped I will enjoy the lavishs the king had promised me earlier.

I nodded and wondered why all these people here spoke without saying a whole lot.But this was not my kingdom to question and instead thought ahead to tommorrow eving when I could return to my flat with my lovely wife and latter into the evening into the arms of my misstress.


I entered my quarters and realized I had a visit.There were candles burning of every color imaginable scattered throughout my room.From the sheerness of the drapes, I could make out that a table had been set out on the balcony.I wondered what kind of meal had been provided and was hoping it wasn't more of that god awful snake that seemed to be a favorite around here.
Pulling the drapes to my surprise it wasn't a buffet table but a massage table."What the fuck" I whispered out loud.
Behind me  a voice startled me back to reality."I hope you don't mind but I used your bath to clean and change.My name is Sathari."There stood a beauty of blond hair dressed in a dancer costume of black and gold chain.It was easy to make out her siloutte, it was so see thru.

"The king sent me to pleasure and keep you company until you depart.And do not refuse.Saying no to him twice in one evening will be taken out on me."Sathari said." I have no intention of refusing you,after all Im your guest." I smiled.
"You are the kings guest! I am only his servant and only doing as I have been told." she answered boldly.And just as quickly she became sub-missive and asked if I had seen the table outside and if I cared to be soothed by her hands.While trying to see more of her thru her outfit and wondered if I would get to use my hands on her also.

Sathari told me to disrobe and get up on the table while she warmed up some oils.I stripped down to my shorts and lied down. She  glanced at me and asked if all westerners were shy or was I just embarrsed by my size.I laughed at her remark and got naked.I would let her judge for herself about my size.She seemed to of approved.I got face down on the table and closed my eyes.I could hear Sathari's chains and her rubbing of oil on her hands.The sweet fragrance that was coming of her body told me she was standing in front of where my head was.I felt her fingertips begin to knead  my shoulders.She pressed fairly hard and immedeatly found muscle.It felt so good.Sathari manuvered herself around so she could rub down my arms and legs.I felt hot oil being dribbled on the top of my back and it ran down my spine.A little even trickled between the cheeks of my ass.I was most certainly becoming aroused.She went back to massaging my back.I swear that I caught another scent and it was coming from Sathari's thighs.She was becoming aroused too.

I lifted my head and saw that the top part of Sathari's dress was open and her firm breasts were visible.Her nipples were the color of blackberries and very pert.She looked me right in my eyes and smiled and leaned down further to get to the bottom of my spine and her nipples were only inches from my face.I took my hands and slipped them under her skirt and cupped her firm bum and pulled her a little more forward so I could mouth one of her breasts.Sathari let out a soft moan and started kneading my ass.I lowered one of my hands and slipped it between her legs and ran a finger over her lips.They were definatly swollen and wet.

Before I could go any further, Sathari stepped back and said "I am here to serve you and you must behave.Only the king is allowed to touch me there,unless he says different."Sathari moaned. She stepped back towards me and again I reached out to her a pulled her closer .I put my hand between her legs and this time easily slid two fingers slowly into her.She pushed herself more forward towards my face as her skirt fell to the floor.Between her bronzed flesh and light blonde hair,I pushed my tounge onto her enlarged clit.She cryed out loud and juice sprayed down my fingers that were working themselves in and out of her.She stepped back again."Please don't!" Sathari said flusttered.I stood up and grabbed her wrists and pushed her against the table so she was bent over.Her ass was so round I couldn,t help myself.I got on knees and pushed her cheeks apart and buried my tounge far up her ass.Sathari pushed back to get more of me into her and was mumbling something in her own language.

Once again Sathari stepped away and this time hissed at me to stop.I stood up trying to figure out if she was serious.I was totally enlarged and leaking from my penis.Stopping was the last thing on my mind."If you do not control your self,I will have to take measures! Trust me,you will be pleasured as promised but I am the kings property and must do as Im told" Sathari said in a serious voice."Please get back onto the table so I may continue." I did as I was told kind of pissed off. I now couldn't wait to get out of here tomorrow.I was going to let this psyco neo-nymph do her little games and then get the hell out here. While in Pissed-Off dream land I hadn't realized Sathari had cuffed me to the table.


 "I warned you about taking measures but you chose not to listen.I warned you about saying no to the king and touching me without him granting it but you chose not to listen." Sathari said while standing in front of me nude but at the same time touching herself. Her fingers were now clearly covered in her own juices as if it was another type of her warm oils.Standing by my side she began to spread her own wetness between my bum cheeks.She slipped one of her hands under me and touched the headof my erect penis and smeared the juice I was leaking all around me, making me leak even more. "You like me again" Sathari whispered into my ear,"I can tell by the way your cock is twitching to my touch."She slid her tounge into my ear and ran her tounge down my back until she had come in contact with my ass."I wonder if you will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed from you." Still playing with the head of my cock with her fingers she inserted her tounge into my ass and did what felt like a dance.I let out a loud moan and she gave my head a hard squeeze."I wouldn,t want you to cum quite now.We are just getting started. She removed her now cum soaked fingers from me and slowly started to slide a finger into my ass."Were you thinking of doing something like this to me?Only the king has entered me there.Your tounge was only the second thing ever to touch me there but I don't think you were planning to use a finger on me, were you? 

Her finger was deep inside of me now working its way in and out.I would be lying if I said I didn,t like it. I liked it alot.Sathari quickly pulled her finger out and gave my ass a hard slap."Were you planning to use something else there?" I was about to answer when she slapped me hard again."I don't want to hear you speak more." Sathari said with vengance in her voice.But I wil not deny you some pleasures.I know you liked the taste of me so I will give you some ."  Sathari ripped a long strip of her dress bottom and stood in front of me and smiled.She placed the strip between her thighs and pushed it between her lips and wiped her wettness away.I could see she was so excited at what was transpiring that some of her juices were running down her legs."Enjoy" she said as she brought herself to cum hard on the cloth and then she tied it around my mouth like a gag.All I could taste and breath was Sathari. Fuck I wanted to cum so bad.

Sathari put her fingers back on my penis and wondered aloud what she was up to before I was gaged."Oh thats right! What you were going to insert ,as the king would say ,into my treasure.I think what I have in my hand is what you had in mind" Sathari said as she brought her free hand hard down on my ass."Was it to be something like this?" she asked as she moved in front of me. Standing there with her hands on her hips and her dark nipples even more erect than before,Sathari was wearing a black strap-on with about a 5 inch dildo attached to it."Were you also thinking you could make me do this?" she asked and pulled my gag away from my mouth.She pulled my hair hard until my mouth opened and forced the dildo into my mouth."This was modeled after the kings very own.You should be honoured." as she procedded to fuck my mouth.
After about a minute of this she withdrew quickly and put her hand on my cock again. "Ah...You like this alot! I can tell.You are even harder than before.No worries though,you wil not be dissappointed!" Sathari laughed.

She placed the gag back but not before kissing me hard on my top lip and biting down hard and then giving my face a hard slap."That is for saying no to the king."Sathari said as she was still standing in front of me but now rubbing oils up and down on the dildo.She moved down beside me again and poured more hots oils directly on my cheeks and then forced my cheeks apart so they would concentrate at my opening there. Sathari spread them even farther apart until I could actually feel the oils staring to seep into my ass.Sathari climbed up onto the table and layed her warm body on top of me. She started rubbing her herself over me .I could feel the tips her nipples sliding across my back and the tip of the toy rubbing up down my ass.Sathari started gently pushing the tip into my ass and whispered into my ear to think of how it would if I was doing this to her. She reached again underneath me and stroked my cock again and said I seemed to be ready."Relax" she whispered and slowly sunk into my ass.Not letting go of my hard cock, she began to rock back and forth filling me oh so nice and pulling my head back so she could bite gently on my neck. She was definitly the best by far lover I had ever had.

 I was so over-cum with gentle pain and pleasure I didn,t realize someone else had entered the room until I felt the gag being removed.Standing in front of me was a naked smiling Kiam who was holding in his hand a throbbing thick penis."Complements from the king" he said just before he pushed himself into my mouth. 

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